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Salesforce Core

Are you looking for a career as an Admin or Developer? This is the perfect package that will help you understand the core concepts of the Salesforce platform.

$ 129.00 USD
$ 49.99 USD

1:1 Career Consultation

Not sure how to improve your career or what to learn next? We will determine your current level and suggest next steps on how to become successful!

$ 59.99 USD
$ 29.99 USD

What is CloudSkill?

The great combination of practical and theoretical knowledge supported by business cases that will prepare you for day to day work as a best-in-class specialist.


Interview and certification questions without practicing is an easy way to fail. We have prepared special algorithms that will help you learn and understand!

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Video Explanations

Starting with the video explanation will maximize learning effectiveness. Every video contain real-business case scenario explanation.

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Practical tests

Practical tests are  pillar of the CloudSkill platform. We believe that  practicing on the platform is the best way to learn your hard skills.

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Mind Maps

Working on enterprise projects requires quick action. We have prepared many great  daily work materials that  you can use to prepare for certification.

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Real Business Cases

Secret of CloudSkill is that we use 100%  real business scenarios based on our experience in enterprise environments and are a great preparation for your work.

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Certification assesment

Completing CloudSkill course is not easy. It takes time and demonstrates motivation to learn. Complete the final assessment in the certification course to have a good foundation for the exam.

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Our Courses

Video Explanations

Cloud-related topics are difficult, and it's even more complex when you try to learn the core concepts of the cloud platform from the book or documentation. Our videos are 100% business case driven, which will help you build a real project experience.

Maciej Lis
Developer at Accenture


How can you check if you are done with the certification topic if you are not able to do exercises? Our focus is to help you check your level of understanding of the topic as you can be confident of your knowledge during the exam.

Maciej Lis
Developer at Accenture

Practical Tests

We envisioned the perfect course as the place where hands-on experience would be the main part of the platform.We decided to put it into practice. Go to the platform choose lesson, learn based on real business case scenarios and apply it later in your projects.

Mind maps & materials

Since we were in the same place as you are now, we understand that when you are learning a topic, it would be great if you could get back to the materials quickly. That is why we share with you additional special materials that will help you not only learn, but also quickly review before an exam or use them in your work.

Maciej Lis
Developer at Accenture

CloudSkill helped me to learn the core concepts of Salesforce.

I had an understanding of what Salesforce is, but before CloudSkill my knowledge was not structured enough, so it was not easy for me to implement core concepts into projects.

Rober Grochowski
Developer at Accenture

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Our Courses

World-Class Teachers

You will learn from the world-class teachers leading cloud projects at the largest consulting companies in the world.

Combination of Theoretical and Practical experience

We have divided our courses into practical and theoretical parts where you can practice and test within the platform.

Real Project Scenarios

We believe that - to be successful - you need to learn from real project scenarios, so we have used our experience and made it happen for you!

Support & Actualisations

Our materials are constantly updated to keep up with the new releases and features, so you can be sure you will learn the latest cloud skills.

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